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What's contemporary african art ?

Contemporary African art refers to the artistic expressions, creations, and visual representations that have emerged from the African continent in recent times, typically from the mid-20th century onwards to the present day. This genre encompasses a diverse range of artistic forms, styles, and mediums, including but not limited to painting, sculpture, photography, installation art, digital art, performance art, and mixed media.

Contemporary African art reflects the evolving cultural, social, political, and economic contexts of Africa and its diaspora. Artists often draw inspiration from their local traditions, histories, and experiences while engaging with global themes and dialogues. This art form provides a platform for artists to explore complex issues, challenge stereotypes, and contribute to broader conversations about identity, heritage, globalization, and the human experience.

Contemporary African art is marked by its innovative and dynamic nature, as artists experiment with new techniques, materials, and concepts. It is characterized by its ability to bridge tradition and modernity, while also reflecting the diverse realities and perspectives within the African continent and its diaspora. As an integral part of the global art scene, contemporary African art continues to evolve, redefine, and shape the artistic landscape both within Africa and on the international stage.