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We select only nationally recognized artists with a global potential.

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On Artkofa, you can, in a few seconds, create your own artist profile and begin developing your online portfolio.

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All you have to do is pack your artwork with nice and detailed pictures. We take care of the rest.


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Increase your visibility

Thanks to dedicated piece of content: articles, interviews, videos in your studio, we will help collectors discovering your practice in more detail.

Participation to Art Fair or exhibitions

Artkofa aims at showcasing talents to a global scale.

Manage your portfolio in a simple manner 

Benefit from a simple, intuitive tool for listing and shipping your works.

Complete autonomy with a personal support

You can manage your portfolio and share it to the world. But you will work alongside an Artist Liaison to supervise your sales at each step.

What are the steps to get your first sale ?

At Artkofa, we look for nationally recognized artists with an established career and consistently participate in various national and international exhibitions.

Some additional attributes we look for among our community of distinguished artists include:

  • Recipients of noteworthy national and international prizes.
  • Selection for prestigious artist residencies.
  • Degrees from the most reputable art schools and universities in the world.
  • Exhibition experience in international museums and/or prestigious national institutions.
  • Auction sales.
  • Published books, monographs and features in leading art publications.

Though not all of these achievements are necessarily required to be accepted by Artkofa, they are of course a huge advantage and highly valued by our selection team.

We place great importance on professional experiences and thus only work with professional artists. For this reason, a comprehensive, up-to-date CV is very important to include in your application as this will help us reach a decision faster.

For the time being, we are open to applications. We’ll get back to you within 7 days.

We currently accept various artwork types. From, paintings, drawings, limited edition illustrations to photographs and sculptures. However, please note that we would recommend not selling fragile works like glass or ceramic sculptures.
No. Our dedicated sales team will take care of the shipping process, including all administrative procedures, liaison with shipping companies, customs requirements and fees as well as shipping costs, to ensure that each artwork is safely delivered to the client.
Absolutely! We believe that artists should have the freedom to sell their work wherever they would like. There is no exclusivity requirement with Artkofa, and you will be able to continue working with other galleries and online platforms.

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