OWKIN & ARTKOFA – Exhibition for The Black History Month

It was December 2023.
Orphée, an insatiable project researcher for ARTKOFA, contacts Zanago Sanou of the biotech scale-up OWKIN.

During Black History Month in February 2024, they wish to introduce contemporary art within this international and innovative company. To which we responded: “Challenge accepted”.

Thus, the collaboration between OWKIN, the Franco-American startup which uses AI to find the right treatment for each patient, and the contemporary African art agency ARTKOFA to promote this little-known art to as many people as possible was born.

OWKIN chose ARTKOFA to promote afro-centric art in business. Why not you?

Focus on the project

On the menu, a round table entitled: “Breaking Boundaries: The Global Emergence of Contemporary African art” and an exhibition: “L’Autre Corps” for a period of one month.


1/ The round table allows us to engage in a conversation with three experts to highlight artists who have long been isolated from the general public. An opportunity to understand why, but also how to start investing in art and start a collection.


2/ The exhibition is dedicated to the new generation of contemporary African art with an exhibition entitled “The Other Body”. This event brings together four emerging artists from Paris, Luanda, Accra and Lagos who highlight the concerns, struggles and imaginations of an entire generation. These artists introduce us to five forms of body: the imaginary, the spiritual, the contemporary and those in struggle.

Curator: Orphée SANE.


In collaboration with : Zanago Sanou ; Grigori Michel ; Jacqueline Ngo Mpii  ; Orphée Sane.

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Discover the works on display and the 3D gallery:

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