Renting Artworks in Corporations: The Advantages of Unlocking Creativity and Value

In today’s dynamic business world, companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve their working environment and boost employee productivity. Among the emerging trends capturing the attention of decision-makers, corporate art rental is proving to be a strategy as elegant as it is advantageous. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, this practice offers a multitude of cultural, social and even fiscal advantages. In this article African Contemporay Art agency, ARTKOFA, shed expert light on how African contemporary art can make a difference in corporate spaces.

Covering the power of a bespoke art strategy in increasing productivity and creativity; the important considerations to bear in mind when investing in contemporary art, and how art consultants play a vital role within this process.

Stimulating creativity and well-being

Introducing works of art into a professional environment can stimulate employees’ creativity and foster a sense of well-being. The presence of artistic works, whether paintings, sculptures or photographs, creates an inspiring environment that encourages reflection, conversation and collaboration. Studies have shown that workspaces embellished with art help reduce stress, improve concentration and stimulate creativity, all of which are essential to employee productivity and well-being.

Alignment with corporate values

Many companies also see art as a way of reinforcing their identity and reflecting their values. The choice of artworks can be strategically aligned with the company’s mission, vision and values, reinforcing its brand image and commitment to culture and community. For example, a company focused on innovation and sustainability may choose contemporary works that embody these principles, reinforcing its commitment to these values.

Tax advantages in France

In addition to the cultural and social benefits, art rental also offers attractive tax advantages for companies, particularly in France. Under French law, companies can deduct 100% of art rental expenses from their taxable income. This incentive tax deduction is designed to encourage companies to support artists and promote culture within their business environment. In this way, art rental becomes not only a way of enriching the workspace, but also a tax-efficient strategy for companies.

In conclusion, corporate art rental is much more than a simple aesthetic embellishment. It’s an approach that fosters creativity, employee well-being and alignment with corporate values, while offering significant tax advantages. By investing in art, companies demonstrate their commitment to culture and community, while creating inspiring and stimulating work environments.

Founder of ARTKOFA