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Nasrine Safa Gandour

Nasrine Safa Gandour, 1978, La Ciotat, France

Born in Senegal in 1978, I grew up in Dakar. At a very young age, I already had a certain love for beautiful images. When I was 15, I discovered PHOTO magazine for the first time. On the cover was a photo of Che Guevara. And that's when it all clicked... My first steps as a professional photographer were in the worlds of fashion, architecture, art and culture between Dakar and Abidjan. I decided to complete my training in Paris and Arles. Between 2013 and 2016, I take part in several Biennales des Arts in Dakar (DAK'ART). In my Dakar photo studio, I photograph artists, dancers, fashion designers, models... Based in La Ciotat since 2018, I work as a photographer, videographer and editor with a professional clientele. At the same time, I continue my personal, more artistic work, which allows me to express and stimulate my creativity. I've been a member of the FFPMI (Fédération Française des professionnels de l'Image) for two years. Last March, I won the Objectif de Bronze for the Objectif D'or 2023 competition.